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At Hallwood Associates, we provide expert support and advice from feasibility to detailed design for developers, the construction industry and homeowners.

According to the British Standard “Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction – Recommendations” BS5837:2012 (BS5837) appropriate measures should be taken to assess existing trees on and adjacent to a site when any new development is proposed.

Tree Surveys for Planning

According to the British Standard “Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction – Recommendations” BS5837:2012 (BS5837) appropriate measures should be taken to assess existing trees on and adjacent to a site when any new development is proposed. To ensure better design and layout, certain tree data; including species, age, crown spread/height, Root Protection Areas (RPA’s), and general condition are required.

Depending on the scale and stage of your application, the Local Planning Authority will expect to see supporting arboricultural surveys and reports before even validating your application.

Our tree surveys for planning services are aligned with the RIBA stages (Royal institute of British Architects) which enables seamless dove-tailing into your design team or architect.


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How it works at Hallwood Associates

We are a market-leading and efficient arboricultural consultancy service. We pride ourselves on a fast service that does not compromise on standards. Furthermore we guarantee our work – if your planning application is refused on arboricultural grounds we offer a full refund or will undertake additional work free of charge until approved.

At Hallwood Associates, we pride ourselves on a pragmatic approach; identifying the best arboricultural features early and ensuring your development complies with all relevant local planning regulations and rules. Our team are some of the most experienced and qualified in their field, so you can be assured you are receiving the best service in the industry.

We pride ourselves on our reliability and friendliness here at Hallwood Associates. We are even happy to provide free arboricultural advice over the phone or email, so get in touch if you have any queries!
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We typically return a quotation within 24hrs of enquiry and undertake the required tree survey within 5 days of instruction. Ensuring no costly delays to your planning process.


Hallwood Associates has years of experience and expertise across the tree management sector; including surveying, legal expert work, design and other general consultancy for the private and public sector.

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Why choose Hallwood Associates?

By choosing Hallwood Associates for your planning tree survey and reports, you are putting yourself in safe and trusted hands.

We have helped thousands of home-owners, property developers, and other businesses achieve planning approval over the last 15 years.

In that time, we’ve learned how to fast-track the procedures and present all of our findings in a report that will increase the chances of being granted the permissions needed quickly – we guarantee it!

Our tree surveyors can help you with your planning & development

Modern day planning and development can be a minefield of potentially costly implications.

At Hallwood Associates, we know how to process all tree-related issues quickly and have a firm understanding of what documents councils and other authorities need.

We then take the information that we’ve collated and present it to local council authorities in a professional manner – giving it the highest chances of approval.

Full UK Coverage Available

At Hallwood Associates, our expert team of arboricultural surveys can assist you nationwide, depending on your requirements.

From home-owners and smaller sites to larger, higher density developments - our dedicated team will be on-hand to offer guidance and support to ensure that all planning application stages follow the processes set out in British Standard BS5837:2012.

Tree surveys made simple

Local planning authorities are increasingly scrutinising the arboricultural impact that a proposed development has on a site.

Applicants who fail to submit the relevant arboricultural surveys and reports can find the progress of their development slowed – often at a high cost.

By hiring our team of arboricultural experts for your tree surveying needs, we can prevent this from happening and speed up your project’s development by reducing the likelihood of objection or query from the Local Planning Authority.


If there are any trees (or hedges) within or immediately adjacent (typically within falling distance) of your site, or access to your site, then yes. Get in touch now and we can confirm if you will require a tree survey or not.

The cost of an initial tree survey is usually dependent on the number of trees surveyed. Our fees start at £300 + VAT for typical house holder applications. Get in touch to get a tailored fee proposal for your project within 24hrs.

We typically complete our tree survey with five days of instruction, but this will be dependent on site access and provision of relevant plans in advance. Get in touch and we can confirm.

At Hallwood, we are so confident in what we do that we offer a money back guarantee if your application is refused on arboricultural grounds. So get in touch now to discuss how we can assist!

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